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ANOC World Beach Games

The ANOC World Beach Games is a global multi-sport event created by ANOC and first hosted in Qatar in 2019. It is a young and inclusive event that combines the informality and vibrancy of the beach with elite sport to create highly attractive Games.

It is the only global youth-centric festival of beach, water and action sports, created specifically for the benefit of the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and their athletes.

With a focus on young and dynamic sports, the Games offer NOCs unrivalled opportunities to connect with new athletes and a new generation of sports fans. Sustainability and accessibility are at the heart of the Games concept, with an emphasis placed on minimising environmental impact by using existing and temporary infrastructure and keeping hosting-budgets low. All of the world’s NOCs have the opportunity to qualify for the Games, with guaranteed participation of athletes from all five continents.

ANOC World Beach Games Qatar 2019

The inaugural ANOC World Beach Games took place in Qatar on 10-16 October 2019. More than 1,200 athletes from 97 NOCs took part. It was a fantastic six-days of competition, which engaged the local population and those around the world in 13 exciting and youth-focused sports.

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