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Protecting the environment

The ANOC World Beach Games (AWBG) are a unique event, taking place in a special environment surrounded by sand, water and open skies. Climate change has a direct impact on the way we live our lives, and we must take action to protect it. The risk of ocean rising is a real threat to the existence of the AWBG, so it is in events DNA its responsibility towards the environment and tackling climate change in a way we can inspire the sports community and society in general to reflect and act. Barbara Kendall (NZL), Olympic champion and ANOC´s Athlete Commission member, was nominated ANOC´s Sustainability Ambassador in the AWBG Bali 2023.

The AWBG is a key platform to promote sustainability. For the second edition of the event in the beautiful island of Bali, ANOC along with the Local Organizing Committee is setting up partnerships with local organizations for coral planting initiatives and mangrove forest recuperation, having a positive impact on the event carbon footprint and recuperating the biodiversity in the region that the Games will be staged. The Games concept comprises a minimum use of land transport, paper and plastic, as well as waste management and sustainability policies in the whole supply chain.


Plastic pollution

Bali suffers every year with plastic pollution that floats in from the ocean and sport is one of the largest plastic bottles producer industries.


The AWBG is committed to search for new alternatives and technologies to change this paradigm, aiming to better protect the environment, with a strict recycling policy, but also plastic reduction as a principle.

The power of sport

Sport has the capacity to unite people from all parts of the world, cultures and religions. Let us use this unique power to spread the message that we can still have a healthy planet, but we all must act together, and must act now.

Our partners

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