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Defending the Olympic values

The NOCs are a key stakeholder of the Olympic Movement, defending the values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. Doping and the winning at all cost go against these principles, and ANOC, as a signatory of the WADA Anti-doping Code, will apply all necessary regulations to promote clean Games.

For the first time all athletes and team officials taking part in the ANOC World Beach Games will be required to complete the WADA Adel anti-doping online courses to be eligible for the Games.

This will guarantee that all accredited participants at the Games in Bali are aware of their roles and responsibilities towards delivering clean Games.

The AWBG Bali2023 anti-doping operations will be delivered in partnership with the Indonesia Anti-doping Organization, in collaboration with the Games Local Organizing Committee.

ANOC Anti-Doping Rules

ANOC has its published antidoping rules applicable to the ANOC World Beach Games that can be found here

WADA Website

Further information can also be found at the World Anti-doping Agency website.
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